Sandalwood Powder
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Sandalwood powder with rose water creates a thick mask for the face. It removes blemishes and cools the skin. This is particularly useful for sunburn or excessive sweat. This application tends to dry out the skin, however, so individuals with dry skin should replace rose water with milk. A mixture of sandalwood powder and almond powder clears blemishes over time. Sandalwood powder with camphor and water relieves skin allergies, light burns, and rashes. It is also a useful treatment for eczema and psoriasis. For younger looking skin, mix sandalwood powder with one egg yolk, honey, andlavender essential oil. The mixture creates a thick paste that tightens saggy and wrinkly skin. The same mixture, minus honey, also relieves bug bites, reduces swelling, and serves as an effective insect repellent. Additional skin remedies include red sandalwood, which effectively fades scars.

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Each bag : 37 gram

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